About the Most Boring Blog

Gentle Audience,

The title of this blog is self explanatory; this is the most boring blog on WordPress.com, quite possibly the whole internet.

It cannot fit neatly into any one category; the subjects are too random. The author is trying to redevelop his writing style in an attempt to develop something publishable. He welcomes only comments of constructive criticism and will

The writing style is detailed and lengthy; fact and fiction coalesce. With the exception of the occasional pun or play-on-words, no other humor can be found here; the author is serious about this blog. These are experiments in writing, meant to keep his muscle flexed while amusing his audience and there will be no laughing or poking fun.

is only in the author’s myriad interests.

Each blog touches upon a number of loosely-connected subjects and injected with everything from personal anecdotes from the author.


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